26th April 2005




The Lincolnshire School of Agriculture at Riseholme Park has been made a Centre of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) in land-based business and environmental management.


CoVE status is given by the Lincolnshire and Rutland Learning & Skills Council and will provide £500,000 to be spent at Riseholme Park over three years to further the objectives of the CoVE.


The CoVE will have the following objectives:


·                    to become the centre for land-based business and environmental

management education in the East Midlands using a strategic web site

·                    to set up infrastructures that allow training organisations to continue their core

business and yet benefit from the membership of the CoVE umbrella

·                    to work with employers, employees and other organisations to fulfil their

training needs either at Riseholme or at other sites

·                    to collaborate with like organisations and providers to upskill the land-based

workforce in the East Midlands.


“The CoVE will provide refurbished and extended conferencing facilities and will allow more technology days, seminars, lectures and conferences to be staged at Riseholme Park,” said John Trigg, CoVE co-ordinator at the Lincolnshire School of Agriculture at Riseholme Park.


To promote the CoVE’s environmental origins a waste management composter will be set up at Riseholme Park showing best practice in recycling and pollution control.


Riseholme Park Farm is a member of LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) and the two organisations will work together on this project.


There will be a large purpose-built driving area to facilitate the teaching of the machine operative driving skills so necessary in today’s hi-tech farming sector.


GPS mapping equipment will also be installed to allow farmers to become knowledgeable about how digital mapping and other technology can further their businesses.


Under the CoVE Riseholme Plant Centre will invest in a state-of-the-art water quality monitoring system and a new stock control system.


The university’s existing CoVE in food manufacturing technology at Holbeach will work closely with the Riseholme CoVE in areas of waste management and grower knowledge transfer and technical skills.   


The CoVE will provide new programmes including Higher Professional Diplomas in Agricultural Management, National Awards in Business and Farm Diversification and courses in Sports Turf, Environmental Conservation and Waste Management.


If you would like to access education or training through the Riseholme CoVE contact John Trigg in the first instance on 01522 895436 or 07721 939405 or email jtrigg@lincoln.ac.uk.



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