11th April 2005




If you're feeling less than 100% and a visit to your GP fails to do the trick, you may well consider turning to complementary medicine for help.

The University of Lincoln’s complementary medicine clinic has now relocated to Bridge House on the Brayford Pool campus and is still offering free consultations as well as acupuncture and herbal medicine treatment at the reduced rate of just £10 per session.
The university launched its new Complementary Medicine degree in 2003 and an important component of the course is the provision of 500 clinical practice hours per student. 


All treatments are carried out under professional supervision and are available to everyone - including the general public.
”It is the ideal opportunity for people to try complementary medicine at a very reduced rate and in relaxed, friendly and professional surroundings, under the supervision of qualified practitioners,” said Michelle Delury, administrator at the complementary medicine clinic.


“The clinic is always looking for new clients and there have been some real success stories from previous clients who had all but given up on conventional medicine.”

The complementary medicine clinic is still open to all staff and students, as well as members of the public.

For an appointment or to find out more information on the treatments, contact Michelle on (01522) 886113.



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