22nd March 2005




Students coming to the University of Lincoln from 2006 will be offered a package of bursaries and scholarships to offset the effects of higher tuition fees.


The university is to charge the maximum £3,000 per year for all degree courses from 2006 – but the poorest and brightest students will get the most financial help.


The University of Lincoln is to offer a sliding scale of bursaries to students from the most disadvantaged backgrounds as well as university and faculty scholarships.


These are in addition to the maintenance grant (up to £2,700) which the Government has reintroduced for the most disadvantaged students.


·                    From 2006 the University of Lincoln will pay a £600 bursary every year to all

students who receive the full £2,700 maintenance grant. It will also pay a

means-tested bursary of between £300 and £600 to all students who receive

a maintenance grant of less than £2,700.


·                    The university will offer a university scholarship of £500 per year to all

students who achieve the entrance qualifications. This will be paid

retrospectively at the end of the year upon fulfilment of the university’s academic requirements.


·                    There will also be special faculty scholarships of up to £500 per year for high-

achieving students, paid in the same way as university scholarships.


In summary, the most disadvantaged students will get a minimum (bursary and scholarships) of £1,100 per year and a maximum of £1,600 per year.


Other students will be able to access up to a maximum of £1,000 in scholarships.


“We are committed to providing a comprehensive and attractive bursary and scholarship scheme to help our students through their studies,” said a spokesman.


“This generous package will ensure that no student should feel discouraged from entering higher education because of worries about the cost of study.”


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