4th March 2005




A Museum and Exhibition Design student at the University of Lincoln is £1,000 better off this week after winning the Chartered Society of Designers’ Award for Exhibition Design.


Ailsa Early (21), from Lightwater in Surrey, wins a certificate and a medal as well as the cash prize and the university will be able to display a special plaque in the Lincoln School of Architecture at Brayford Pool.


“The Chartered Society of Designers only makes student awards and commendations for work of the highest standard, so Ailsa’s success is enormously gratifying,” said Geoff Matthews, senior lecturer in the Lincoln School of Architecture.


“Exhibition design is an extraordinary mix of design disciplines and certainly provides a well rounded design education with a strong vocational outcome.”


Ailsa was originally attracted to the Museum and Exhibition Design course at University of Lincoln after undertaking work experience at Brooklands Museum in Weybridge and Farnham Museum.


“She had previously studied textiles, ceramics, art, television and film and has found that she can bring all of these aspects into her exhibition design studies,” said Mr Matthews.


Ailsa becomes a student member of the Chartered Society of Designers for the duration of her studies and has the opportunity to continue as a graduate member and, once she has the requisite experience, a full professional member.


The Chartered Society of Designers is the largest professional body for designers in the world and supports its members with career-long learning programmes to promote sound professional practice for the benefit of education and the community.


Note to editors: Details of the presentation by the Chartered Society of Designers to Ailsa will follow by email.


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