25th February 2005




A collection of three-dimensional animations produced by a third-year Media Technology student from the University of Lincoln in Hull are on display in the stores of a leading computer retail chain.


Liam Wardle (21) from Birstall in Leicester worked with CRT Films in Staffordshire to produce four short animations. They publicise a combined project between Intel, PC World and BT to promote the companies’ wireless home digital networking products.


Liam spent three days rendering a 3-D image of a furnished house to advertise the new wireless system and the work has since been issued for customer demonstration in many PC World stores in the UK.


The animations are being used nationwide to promote customer and staff awareness of digital use in the home and many of PC World’s larger stores will continue to run them until June 2005.


Liam’s brief was to produce animations for a CD that could be run on a purpose-built media centre display, consisting of four videos between two minutes and 12 minutes long. The animations had to meet specific criteria to ensure that they helped explain and complemented the voiceover’s or presenter’s scripts.


“We offered Liam work experience with a real project on a tight time scale, working to an exacting technical script,” said Richard Thomson, Production Director at CRT Films.


“We were very pleased with the way Liam’s animations played a major part in visually explaining new and complex concepts to an audience that ranged from the computer expert to the novice.”


John Hamlin, senior lecturer at the Hull School of Media Technologies, is equally pleased with Liam’s efforts. Media Technology courses at the university are very practically orientated and we constantly encourage our students to involve themselves with the industry,” he said.


“Liam notably recognises the industrial demand for corporate media and his skills and attitudes towards the degree subject have improved throughout the course.”


Matt Cross, Assistant Press Officer

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