21st February 2005




A Forensic Science student from the University of Lincoln has reached the final 25 of the Virgin Mobile ‘Great Rent Escape’ competition.


Sam Paddon (20) from Mansfield entered the student-targeted competition whilst searching for free samples on the Internet.


She has now been informed that she could win her rent paid for a year as well as that of up to three housemates in the annual Virgin competition.


Sam will have three weeks starting on Wednesday 23rd February to get as many votes as possible on the competition web site. The 10 applicants with the most votes will each win the prize of a year’s free rent.


Sam hopes to advertise her bid on the university’s online Portal and the university radio station Siren and will also give out flyers around the Brayford Pool campus and Lincoln city centre.


Her housemates Louise Fellows and Jenny Campbell will also help to increase her votes and are currently planning a host of creative events to raise awareness of the web site.


Previous winners in the competition have gone as far as streaking and stripping to advertise the competition in a bid to reach the final 10.


But the prospect of winning around £2,500 – Sam’s current rent costs – have not influenced her to take a smaller student loan out next year. “I don’t really go out and go clubbing once or twice every couple of months,” she said.


“It would be great for me and my housemates to have more money to socialise and it would really help to make my final year at university one to remember.”


You can vote for Sam by visiting www.greatrentescape.com from Wednesday 23rd February.



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