1st February 2005




The next lecture in the University of Lincoln’s Hull Academy Public Lecture series will take place next week, focusing on the observation of earth from outer space.


Professor Graeme Wilkinson will deliver the lecture entitled ‘Watching the Earth from space: Developments in satellite observation technology & environmental monitoring’.


The lecture will examine the ways in which the Earth is constantly under surveillance by satellites which are designed to gather information about the environment. This can be through the use of remote sensing, optical, infrared and radar sensors, allowing the collection of information via the capture of multi-spectral images.


Since the declassification of Cold War spy satellites, recent technology has adapted to civilian use, enabling the public to acquire high-quality images from around the world. These include images of buildings and vehicles which can be clearly identified and allow us to identify vegetation types, detect changes in biodiversity and even locate illegal narcotic plants.


The talk will also highlight the space technology involved in the science of remote sensing, including potential application, and the computational and mathematical problems that arise in deriving information about the environment from satellite data. 


It will also touch on some of the related political issues in global environmental management.


The lecture will take place on Tuesday 8th February at 6pm in the Saville Lecture Theatre, in the university’s Derek Crothall Building on George Street, Hull. Registration and refreshments will be available from 5.30pm and the lecture will conclude at 7.20pm with wine and a buffet.


Admission is free and no prior knowledge of the subject is required to attend. To book a place, contact Rebecca Platt on (01482) 311702 or email rplatt@lincoln.ac.uk.



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