20th January 2005




The University of Lincoln’s EICH Gallery in Hull is to host a special art exhibition this week, curated by renowned illustrator Robert Mason.


Robert has been a key figure in British illustration since the 1970s and will be exhibiting a selection of his unpublished illustrations, including the work of 10 graduates from the Norwich School of Art and Design where he teaches.


The exhibition, entitled ‘Mere Illustration’, aims to demonstrate how the conceptual and practical qualities of educating illustration can result in both creative originality and professional diversity.


The artists involved include not only successful illustrators, but also others whose work spans design, illustration and painting, both bridging and undercutting traditional definitions.


“Mere Illustration celebrates a vital, contemporary discipline that is too often undervalued in comparison with fine art, or seen as an adjunct of design that is either in fashion or passé,” said Robert.


Robert studied at the Royal College of Art and has since become a member of the Association of Illustrators as well as holding his current position as Head of Illustrators at the Norwich School of Art and Design.


The exhibition will run from Saturday 22nd January to Friday 4th March, and anyone interested in attending or requiring further information should contact Kathie Jenkins at eich@lincoln.ac.uk or Robert Mason at r.mason@nsad.ac.uk.


The EICH Gallery can be found at the University of Lincoln’s Derek Crothall Building on George Street, Hull.



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