24th January 2005




Business ethics and public relations are the subjects of two lectures to be given at the University of Lincoln this week.


Tomorrow (Tuesday 25th January) Jo Healy, Sustainability Reporting Manager for CIS insurance, the Co-operative Bank and Smile.co.uk, will give a talk to business students entitled ‘Why the Co-op Financial Services Organisation uses an ethical stance’. 


She will discuss differentiation in a competitive market place and why the Co-op group uses particular creative treatments in its advertising.


This lecture will take place between 2pm and 3pm on Tuesday in MC0021 in the MHAC Building at Brayford Pool.


Then on Thursday 27th January Michael Hardware, Executive Vice President of Chelgate Limited, will present a marketing communications lecture. 


In his talk he will examine the recovery PR employed after the opening of the Princess Diana memorial fountain and the marketing communications used when Trafalgar Square was relaunched last year. 


The lecture will examine choices in marketing communications and new methods being used to communicate with target audiences, including web-based video techniques. 


This talk will be given between 1pm and 2pm in seminar room 10 in the main academic building at Brayford Pool.


Members of the public are welcome to attend the lectures, which are both free.


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