13th December 2004




An expert in Forensic Science at the University of Lincoln is rubbing shoulders with Bill Bryson and Alan Titchmarsh at the top of the best-sellers list.


Professor Peter White, Head of the Department of Forensic and Biomedical Sciences, edited the first and now this latest second edition of ‘Crime Scene to Court: The Essentials of Forensic Science’.


The popular text book is now riding high at number four in the science best sellers list compiled by the book sellers Waterstone’s.


Bill Bryson’s ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’ is top and ‘British Isles: A Natural History’ by Alan Titchmarsh is second.


‘Crime Scene to Court’ is published by the Royal Society of Chemistry and covers the three main areas involved in forensic science investigation – scene of crime, the forensic laboratory and the court room.


It details how crime scene and forensic examinations are conducted in the UK, the principles of crime scene investigations and the importance of this work in an investigation.


It comprises chapters written by a range of experts in the field on topics from bloodstain pattern analysis and the examination of documents to firearms and forensic toxicology.


The book is selling better than a number of popular titles including ‘Hitler’s Scientists’ by John Cornwell and James D Watson’s ‘DNA: The Secret of Life’.


“When it was conceived about nine years ago I never expected this book to achieve this level of popularity within the UK and overseas,” said Professor White.


Professor White moved to Lincoln from the University of Strathclyde last year to become only the second Chair of Forensic Science in the UK.


He is a Chartered Chemist and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.


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