1st November 2004




The popular University of Lincoln radio station Siren FM will start broadcasting again tonight (Monday) in a special webcast on the internet.


The usual selection of features will be available to listeners, including more competitions, quizzes, interviews and live bands.


The news team will also be providing coverage of all the latest news from Lincoln and the surrounding areas.


Thanks to the increased popularity of the station, particularly amongst first-year students, Siren FM’s station manager Nicola Dillon has been forced to reduce each show to just one hour’s duration to cater for the increase in new presenters.


“We have had an overwhelming response to the prospect of broadcasting online, and it is very encouraging to know how dedicated the students have been to the station,” she said.


“Thanks to the increased popularity of Siren, preparations are already underway for our FM broadcast next year.”


Popular shows are to return in the new broadcast including regular presenter Rob K and the ‘Him and Me’ show.


The station will broadcast from 7pm tonight until 19th December, with usual broadcasting hours between 7am and 2am seven days a week.


For more information contact Ben Chandler or Nicola Dillon on (01522) 886001, or visit www.sirenonline.co.uk to listen to the station’s broadcast.



For more information contact:

Matt Cross, Assistant Press Officer

(01522) 886625                                   mcross@lincoln.ac.uk