9th November 2004




The Bishop of Lincoln will lead a seminar at the university tomorrow (Wednesday) to mark the 150th anniversary of Kierkegaard’s famous attack on Christendom.


The Rt Rev Dr John Saxbee will be the first external speaker to speak in a series of seminars arranged by the Organisational Analysis Research Theme Group at the University of Lincoln.


“The series examines contemporary issues in management and this year’s ‘hot topic’ of so-called business ethics is given a particular jolt as organisational behaviour is translated in terms of belief, spirituality and theology,” explained seminar organiser Dr Carole Brooke.


‘Can a Bishop Tell the Truth?’ will be the title of the seminar in which Dr Saxbee aims to show that Kierkegaard’s attack Christendom was the inevitable outcome of his existentialist philosophy which has had such an influence in the modern world.


“It is now 150 years since Sören Kierkegaard launched a savage and sustained attack on the established church and its leaders in Denmark, but in its rigour and incisiveness, its topicality and local relevance, it remains as fresh as new paint,” says Dr Saxbee.


“In the 19th-century equivalent of red-topped tabloids many commentators dismissed Kierkegaard’s strident outbursts as the bitter recriminations of a disappointed man.


“Kierkegaard’s colourful language and uncompromising insults may not endear him to everyone, but if his philosophy is to be taken seriously then so must this consequential assault on the religious establishment.”


The seminar will be held in the Co-op Lecture Theatre at the university’s Brayford Pool campus at 3.30pm tomorrow (Wednesday 10th November). Refreshments will be served from 3pm.


If you would like to attend this seminar please book your place free of charge by calling the university’s conference office on Lincoln 886407 or by emailing mbound@lincoln.ac.uk.


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