18th November 2004




A senior Professor of Journalism at the University of Lincoln will be kicking off the new Hull Academy next week.


Professor Richard Keeble will be delivering a lecture entitled ‘The Myth of Gulf War II’ on Tuesday 23rd November at the Saville lecture theatre in the Derek Crothall Building on George Street.


Professor Keeble delivered a similar lecture to a packed audience at the university’s Lincoln Academy last year.


Professor Keeble is the author of several publications including ‘Secret State, Silent Press: New Militarism, The Gulf and the Modern Image of Warfare’, ‘The Newspapers Handbook’ and ‘Ethics for Journalists’.


The lecture will focus upon the recent US/UK invasion of Iraq and will critically analyse the press coverage of the two nations’ foreign policies since the Falklands conflict.


Professor Keeble’s lecture is the first in a host of lectures and concerts that will be presented by the new Hull Academy in the future.


Rebecca Platt, the Hull Marketing Officer for the university, has welcomed the establishment of the Hull Academy and believes that students, academics and Hull residents can all benefit from attending the free events over the coming months.


“We are very proud to be able to develop a series of forthcoming lectures, exhibitions and concerts which has been popular in Lincoln,” she said.


“It is great that the university can contribute to the cultural aspirations of Hull, and the establishment of the Hull Academy allows us to be a more contributing member to the local community.”


Anyone wishing to attend Professor Keeble’s lecture or future lectures in the series should contact Rebecca on (01482) 311702 or email RPlatt@lincoln.ac.uk.


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