1st October 2004




An experienced animator who worked on the ground-breaking film ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’ is to become one of the latest additions to the teaching staff at the University of Lincoln in Hull.


Nicolette Van Gendt, who is currently working on an animated film project in Wales titled ‘Horrid Henry’, is to start teaching at the university three times a week from next month.


Nicolette applied for the job after it was advertised on the Animation World Network website, and is to become the newest member of staff at the Hull School of Art and Design.


She holds an extensive CV of animation in films dating back to 1983 and has worked on several films and TV series including ‘War Game’, ‘Christmas Carol’ and the Beatrix Potter animated stories.


"Nicolette is a respected industry professional with many years of experience and is especially gifted and accomplished as a classical animator,” said Paul Sinclair, lecturer in Computer Animation at the Hull School of Art and Design.


“We are extremely happy that she has agreed to join us at the university and the students and I truly look forward to learning all we can from her."


‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’ was a milestone in animation history and one of the top-grossing films of its year. It received four Academy Awards in 1988 which included a Special Achievement Award for the film’s animation director, Richard Williams.



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