1st October 2004



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A professor is to give a special lecture at Lincoln Cathedral later this month.


Mark Seaward, is Professor of Environmental Biology at Bradford University and an Honorary Professor at the University of Lincoln.


His lecture, titled ‘The Not-so-Dark Ages: Robert Grosseteste and the Establishment of a University Ethos’, will be given at the Chapter House of Lincoln Cathedral on Friday 8th October 2004 at 3.30pm.


The lecture will cover the life and achievements of Robert Grosseteste, who was Bishop of Lincoln from 1235 until his death in 1253. It will follow his influences on education at Oxford University, particularly in the fields of science and mathematics.


Professor Seaward has a particular interest in lichens, being Director of the British Lichen Society's Mapping Scheme since 1963, its President in 1982-83 and an honorary member since 1993.


He gained his honours for international contributions to lichenology, as well as the Polish Ordre d'Or in 1985, the Ursula Duncan award in 2002 and an honorary doctorate from Wroclaw University earlier this year.


He has been editor of The Naturalist for 30 years and is the author and editor of numerous books, the most recent of which is titled ‘Ecology of the Chagos Archipelago’.


He has also written more than 330 scientific papers, mostly concerned with biomonitoring, heavy metals, radionuclides, bio-deterioration and the history of botany.


Professor Seaward will also give a lecture at the University of Lincoln as part of the Lincoln Academy series on Tuesday 8th March next year, entitled ‘Bio-deterioration of Ancient Monuments’.



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