26th October 2004




One of the first books in recent years to document and explore mental health from a social work perspective has been written by a senior academic at the University of Lincoln in Hull.


Malcolm Golightley, senior academic in Health and Social Care, completed ‘Social Work and Mental Health’ as part of the new series entitled ‘Transforming Social Work Practice’.


The book is aimed at students who have recently started studying on the new Social Work and Nursing degree courses and is the first book that Mr Golightley has written as sole author.


The book examines numerous subjects in mental health including child and adolescent mental health, a subject which Mr Golightley believes has attracted the most attention as it is not a heavily documented subject.


“The book is already selling very well and has exceeded the expected number of sales for its first month with around 300 copies being sold,” he said.


“With estimates that around one in four people suffer from mental health problems at some time in their lives, it was time for a fresh look at the subject.


“I really enjoyed writing it, particularly since it incorporates my professional and personal experiences through 20 years in the field of health and social care.”


Plans are already underway to release a second edition of the book in two years’ time, when it is anticipated that the government’s new mental health legislation will be in place.


‘Social Work and Mental Health’ is available from most large book retailers.



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