11th October 2004




A design lecturer from the University of Lincoln is currently hosting an exhibition of his furniture designs in Grimsby.


Neil Simpson, senior lecturer in Furniture Design at the university’s Cathedral Campus, has supplied an array of original furniture to the ‘Different Perspectives’ art exhibition, which is complemented with paintings by artist Victor Hawkins.


The show, which is based upon a research project into 15th-century Italian inlaid pieces, will demonstrate art through both two and three-dimensional examples.


Funded by North East Lincolnshire Council, the show is being held at the Muriel Barker Gallery at the National Fishing Heritage Centre on Alexandra Dock.


“The exhibition depicts studies of space, light and form through the mediums of platonic solids and other related artefacts,” said Neil.


“It is a contemporary look at the traditional values of proportion and perspective in an innovative and original way.”


The exhibition, which runs until 31st October, is open from Monday to Friday between 10am and 5pm.


It is also open at weekends between 10.30am and 5.30pm and admission is free.


For more information call the Muriel Barker Gallery on 01472 323345.



For more information contact:

Matt Cross, Assistant Press Officer

(01522) 886625                                   mcross@lincoln.ac.uk