22nd September 2004




A doctor of animal behaviour and veterinary science at the University of Lincoln has become the UK’s first professor of ‘animal psychiatry’.


Professor Daniel Mills, who earlier this year became the country’s first specialist in veterinary behavioural medicine, has been recognised by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and is now the country’s first professor of the discipline.


His new position at the university is in recognition of his contributions to the profession, which span over 10 years.


Professor Mills was one of the founders of the biennial international meetings which have assisted in shaping the profession and has written extensive publications on a range of animals and exotic species.


Among his recognised practical achievements he has developed the Lincoln stable mirror to assist horses with isolation problems and successfully used animal pheromones to control badly behaved pets.


“This is a tremendous honour and I very much hope that my new position will help to raise the profile of the discipline,” said Professor Mills.


“I hope that my appointment will encourage further research interest and raise the standing of the many excellent scientist and practitioners who endeavour to apply available science to help improve the welfare of companion animals with behavioural problems.”



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