1st September 2004




Determined Hull student Lisa Woodward has defied all the odds by gaining a first-class honours degree in computing at the University of Lincoln.


One of only two women on a course dominated by men, she is also partially sighted and was told by her school that she would be unable to pursue a career in computing because of her disability.


But she proved her doubters wrong by gaining a first-class degree in Computer Software Development at the university’s George Street building – and now she’s hoping to study for a doctorate.


“I was one of only two girls on my course, which was a bit scary being surrounded by loads of lads,” says Lisa (24), who comes from Hucknall in Nottinghamshire.


“I am also visually impaired and was told while at school I could not study something such as computing which would require the need for exact eyesight.


“However I have managed it – it was a struggle but I am proud to say I worked extremely hard and gained the first I had dreamed of.”


Lisa made such an impact at university that she became a student representative and subject board representative for the Faculty of Applied Computing Sciences.


She has been asked to produce a paper for a conference in Brussels on the subject of gender in ICT (information and communication technologies).


She will collect her degree at an awards ceremony at Hull City Hall at 11.30am on Wednesday 8th September.


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