7th September 2004




A student from the University of Lincoln has landed herself an International Relations graduate’s dream job.


Isabel Poli (23) has gained a one-year contract with the UK’s East Midlands European Office in Brussels, after being encouraged to apply for the position by university lecturer Claire Randerson.


Isabel, who will receive her degree in International Relations next week, was assisted in gaining the position by the university’s careers advisor, as well as with a letter of recommendation from one of her lecturers.


”It was my ambition to come and work in Brussels and I was not expecting to get here so early after the end of my studies,” she said.


“I write policy updates, summaries and reports, provide administrative support to the office, and with time I will have the possibility to get increasingly involved in European policy development.”


Isabel is also very grateful for the knowledge she learnt whilst studying, and is putting her degree to good use. “EU policies are always evolving”, she said, which makes this position a continuous learning process. What I have learned in the European units is definitely coming handy and has given me a solid platform to build upon.


“If it would be possible I would like to stay here, either in this office or in another EU organisation, doing policy work.


“I am thinking about becoming a policy advisor, but only time will tell as I am still in the beginning of my placement and still have a lot to learn.”


Isabel, who is half-Swedish and half-Italian, will be presented with her International Relations degree at the graduation ceremony at Lincoln Cathedral on Tuesday 14th September at 7:30pm.



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