22nd September 2004


Students at the University of Lincoln in Hull are enjoying their Freshers’ Week.

Their Freshers’ Week kicked off on Sunday with 250 new students attending the welcome party, and they have since enjoyed the Beverly Road and old town pub crawls to help settle them into their new surroundings.

Forthcoming events for the week include a pub crawl in the new town area and a selection of visits to local nightclubs.

The week will finish with a day of recovery on Saturday followed by a freshers’ BBQ on the Sunday evening.

“We have a full week of entertainment planned for this campus and will be working hard to make our freshers feel a part of the University of Lincoln,” said Amber Moore, Vice President of the SU Co-operative in Hull.

Freshers’ Week is open to students and bona fide guests only.


For more information contact:

Matt Cross, Assistant Press Officer,

(01522) 886625, mcross@lincoln.ac.uk