1st September 2004




Film-maker Andrew Quinn developed an interest in video almost by accident.


He was a painter when he enrolled on the Fine Art course at the Hull School of Art and Design but progressed through digital photography to video and now organises regular short video screenings at The Lamp in Hull.


The 23-year-old from Garforth near Leeds is due to graduate with a first-class honours degree and the Dean’s Prize for Best Performing Undergraduate at Hull City Hall at 11.30am on Wednesday 8th September.


"When I first came to the university I did series of paintings, sets of ten in each series," says Andrew. "I later started working with digital photography, which naturally moved on to using video.”


Andrew describes his video shorts as "experimental cinema but quite light-hearted, simple and fun".


"My films come in sets or series of similar types of work - for example, nine or ten pieces are based around music composed from repeating and overlaying sections of video footage taken of small objects such as spoons, glasses or rulers. The majority of these works are concerned with very small moments in time or time itself."


Andrew set up Slack Video with fellow fine artist Gary McKeown while studying for his degree and has recently completed a two-week residency and exhibition at Hull Time Based Arts, where he produced a body of new work.


In the future he's hoping that the monthly screenings at The Lamp will lead to bigger and better things - they have already worked in collaboration with many other screening organisations across the UK and are currently looking into the possibility of broadcasting short films on independent television.


"I feel very lucky to have done the course in Hull," he says "All the tutors were incredibly supportive and enthusiastic and from the beginning we were encouraged to integrate with the art community in the city."


Not for publication: you can contact Andrew on 07833 753951.


For more information contact:

Jez Ashberry, Press and Media Relations Manager

01522 886042                         jashberry@lincoln.ac.uk