1st September 2004




Having lost most of his family and home under Saddam Hussein and with his own life in danger, Kurdish Adalet Garmiany paid the mafia $4000 to escape from Iraq.


Five years after fleeing to the UK, 31-year-old Adalet has gained a degree in Fine Art from the University of Lincoln.


And for his outstanding work and achievement he will be awarded the Hull School of Art and Design prize for endeavour in the field of art. 


Adalet, who was a lecturer at the Institute of Fine Art in Kurdistan before leaving Iraq, enrolled part-time at the university on the strength of photographs of his previous work.


He succeeded in learning English as his third language (Arabic being his second), eventually becoming fluent and completing his final year full-time.


“In Kurdistan I was a lecturer in Fine Art,” said Adalet.  “But art and culture in my home country are completely different from here in the UK.


“To find my own way in the UK I thought that it would be a good idea for me to study over here and learn about art from a different perspective.


“At the beginning the work was quite difficult as I was unable to speak much English.  But after two years of being here I found it a lot easier and began to thoroughly enjoy the work.


“The staff at the university were fantastic and I received lots of help and support from them.”


Adalet will graduate at Hull City Hall at 11.30am on Wednesday 8th September with an upper second class honours degree in Fine Art.


Not for publication: Adalet can be contacted on 01482 223505 or 07745 830383 or by emailing adaletg@adaletg.karoo.co.uk


For more information contact:

Lindsey Bird, Assistant Press Officer

01522 886625                                  lbird@lincoln.ac.uk