9th August 2004




Searching for student digs in Hull will be easier from now on thanks to a new initiative to be launched later this year.


The city’s two universities, the Hull and District Landlords’ Association and Kingston-upon-Hull City Council have reached agreement on an accreditation scheme which will give house-hunting students more support and information.


Landlords from across Hull will be attending a presentation on the new scheme at the Lindsey Suite, University of Hull, at 6pm tomorrow evening (Tuesday).


The scheme will have its own administrator who will answer to a management committee comprising representatives of the two universities, the city council and the HDLA.


The University of Lincoln will provide support and training to the administrator while the University of Hull will provide an office base and IT support.


Any students who experience problems related to housing in the private sector will be able to contact the administrator for advice and guidance.


“For our city centre campus, this will mean that a direct response can be provided, rather than the satellite surgery support which is provided at this time,” said Ben Ball, residential services manager at the University of Lincoln.


“The private housing sector in Hull is extremely competitive and this scheme will provide a stable base for students to select housing options and get experienced and consistent advice.”


Students seeking private accommodation in Hull should visit the web site www.studentpad.co.uk



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