22nd July 2004




A new course at the University of Lincoln will make steps towards recruiting clinical psychologists to the region.


A Doctorate of Clinical Psychology will be established within the Faculty of Health, Life and Social Sciences next year.


The new doctorate will be established in September 2005 with an initial intake of six students. 


It will be run jointly with the University of Nottingham in collaboration with the local NHS Clinical Psychology department.


Students based at Lincoln will conduct their practical work in the Lincolnshire region. 


“There is a lot of competition as there are only a small number of places in the country that offer this course,” said Dr Jon Slack, Head of Psychology at the university.


“Working in collaboration with the NHS we want to ensure high levels of recruitment and retention for clinical psychologists in the North Trent region.”


Funding for the course has been received from the Workforce Development Confederation (WDC).


Applicants must have an undergraduate degree in psychology and a number of years’ work experience in the NHS or a related domain.


After completing the three-year programme students will be fully qualified clinical psychologists who are able to work in health and social care settings such as hospitals, health centres and social services.



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