8th July 2004




A Brazilian vet at the University of Lincoln will be able to continue her research into dog behaviour and intelligence thanks to a prestigious scholarship.


Daniela Ramos, a visiting research fellow based at Riseholme Park, has won an award to continue her studies at the University for another 18 months.


Around 5,000 people applied for the prestigious ALBAN scholarships which are provided by the European Community to Latin Americans wishing to undertake

postgraduate study abroad. 


In her native Brazil Daniela was part of a team which trained dogs to use a key pad to ‘talk’ to their owners and express their desires, providing new insights into the minds of other animals.


Since coming to the UK she has been working on a range of research projects with the university’s Animal Behaviour Clinic, including a study into firework fears in dogs and a study comparing owner understanding of dog communication in the UK and Brazil.


To take part in the fireworks study call 01522 895473. To complete the online communication survey visit www.saudeanimal.com.br/questionnaire.


“I am thrilled to get this award, which is a great honour,” said Daniela. “I wanted to come to the University of Lincoln because the course in Animal Behaviour has such a good reputation and the behaviour clinic is a recognised centre of excellence.


Dr Daniel Mills, who has been leading the work at the university, added: “This is fantastic news not only for Daniela but also for the University, and it provides further international recognition of the university’s standing as a leading centre for the study of animal behaviour.


“I am very much looking forward to working with Daniela over the next couple of years, and her work will help us understand more about how other animals view the world and the behaviour of people. This is very important as so many problems in dogs arise because of misunderstandings at both ends of the lead.”


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