8th June 2004




American rock band the Red Hot Chili Peppers will be meeting a friend from the University of Lincoln next week at their concert in London.


Web assistant Terry Wells (29) has been invited to Hyde Park to conduct an interview with the band during their two-day gig.


“As part of my part-time MA Design course I will be going backstage to interview the band when they perform on June 19th,” he explained.


“I have the advantage that I have been the band’s official web designer since 1996 so the interview will probably be included on the website too.”


Terry, from Barnetby le Wold, joined their fan club eight years ago and shortly afterwards became the band’s volunteer web designer.


“I just kept emailing the online team to showcase my work and I soon became the official new media designer of redhotchilipeppers.com.


“Don’t laugh but from my home in Barnetby I work alongside the band’s manager in New York and Warner Music Group in LA.  I keep in regular contact with the Flea, the bass guitarist, and Anthony, the lead singer, actually wrote a limerick for my wedding day.”


Terry volunteered his services to the Red Hot Chili Peppers band because he wanted to produce the web site for his favourite band specifically from the fans’ point of view.


“This approach actually won the MTV Video Music Award in 1999 and two Macromedia Shocked Sites of the Day awards over the last couple of years,” said Terry.


Terry has just been approached by an Australian publisher who would like to reproduce pages of the web site in a textbook as an example of how to write successfully to a target audience.


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