22nd June 2004




Do you remember Uncle Mac and Larry the Lamb? Was listening to the BBC’s Home Service part of your school life during the Second World War?


If so, Deborah Wilson at the University of Lincoln would like to talk to you…


She wants to interview people who were children during the war and who remember listening to the radio for entertainment.


The reminiscences will help Deborah to prepare a presentation called ‘Not in Front of the Children?’ which she will be giving to a Broadcasting Histories conference at the beginning of July.


“The BBC tried to keep their programmes for young people as ‘normal’ as possible during the war, which wasn’t easy as children naturally had a great interest in the conflict,” says Deborah, a senior lecturer in Journalism at the university.


“ At the same time children’s education was being disrupted in different ways – they may have been evacuated away from their homes or their schools may have been destroyed by a bombing raid – and teachers turned to the BBC’s schools programmes to help make lessons interesting and consistent during a very difficult time.


“One headmistress wrote that many teachers had come to regard schools

broadcasting as ‘... one constant and reliable factor in their wartime



Deborah has been researching into the BBC’s programmes during the Second World War for a number of years and has a particular interest in news reporting and presentation, talks and documentaries.


If you can remember listening to the radio as a child during the Second World War and would like to contact Deborah, you can leave a message for her on 01522 886134 or email debwilson@lincoln.ac.uk



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