29th June 2004





Going through Clearing meant that Claire Davies was able to broaden her academic and life skills and become more independent.


Claire (20) changed her mind about which university she wanted to study at after she received her A-level results.


Previously she had accepted a place at University College Chester, which was near to her home in Warrington, but after considering her options she decided she wanted to move away to university.


She decided to go through Clearing and was accepted onto the Business and Marketing course at the University of Lincoln.


And as an added bonus she also chose a degree more suited to her needs. Unlike her first choice college, which offered Business Studies, the University of Lincoln offered a degree in Business and Marketing, allowing her to broaden her expertise.


“At first I thought it was going to be really hard going through Clearing. I started by looking through the newspapers and I didn’t really understand what I needed to do,” said Claire.


“I knew that I wanted to go to the University of Lincoln so I decided to ring them directly. 


“The staff at the university were really helpful and I realised that the process was not as difficult as I thought that it would be. It was actually quite straightforward.


“I was offered a conditional place over the phone and a few weeks later I attended an open day where I secured my place.


“If I hadn’t have gone through clearing I would still be living at home. Studying at the University of Lincoln meant that I could move away and become more independent.”


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