20th April 2004




A Computing student from North Ferriby has developed a new software system which will allow insurance brokers to do away with paper cover notes for ever.


Tony Grimes (30) studies Computing Software Development part-time at the University of Lincoln in Hull while working as a full-time sales representative for the insurance firm Broker Direct.


His employers asked him to come up with a new software system to produce computerised cover notes to reduce costs and bring cover notes into the 21st century.


“There are software systems that will print cover notes but they can’t cope with all eventualities, so from time to time brokers have to issue a manual cover note on paper in books that produce carbon copies,” said Tony.


“These paper copies can be subject to quite a high degree of fraud even though backdating cover notes is illegal. Our new system doesn’t allow you to backdate; it forces you to enter correct data.”


The system is now being rolled out in stages to around 1,200 insurance brokers across the country, which represents approximately 20 per cent of the total in the country.


“The benefits are clear,” said Tony. “Using this new system we won’t have to pay for paper cover notes and we’ll cut back on resources spent on auditing. The system can also be easily updated as Broker Direct introduce new products.”


Tony has worked for Broker Direct in Bolton for six years but he decided to enrol on the Computing course now taught at the Hull School of Media Technologies in George Street to learn new skills.


“I had an interest in technology but I didn’t know any more about computers than the average PC user,” he said.


“But I wanted to learn a skill that I would always have and which would help to further my career.


“I’m really pleased that I’ve now been able to put my new-found skills to good use.”



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