23rd April 2004




The experiences of four Lincolnshire Land Army women have been revisited thanks to a student at the University of Lincoln.


Mature student Paul Smith (34) was commissioned by the BBC’s local history site ‘Legacies’ to write the personal accounts of Lincolnshire land girls.


Paul, who is currently in his final year of his degree in English and History, had already interviewed a number of local women for his final year dissertation, ‘Lincolnshire Women in World War Two’.


After appealing on local radio and in the charity shop, Age Concern, a number of women came forward to give oral testimonies for the dissertation.


But Paul got more than he bargained for when the BBC approached him and commissioned him to write an article on the topic for their heritage website.


The site was established to celebrate regional diversity and build a picture of regional history.


The articles, entitled ‘Lilies at work: Wartime memories of the Women’s Land Army in Lincolnshire’, detail the experiences of Gwenith Scott, Audrey Allen, Moyra Denton and Dora Sellars.


They can be viewed online at http://www.bbc.co.uk/legacies/work/england/lincolnshire/article_1.shtml



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