24th March 2004




Two education experts from Hull have written a book which aims to help parents to help children with their school work.


Kay Jarvis of the Hull School of Health and Social Care and Garry Burnett, an advanced skills teacher from Malet Lambert School, have co-authored ‘Parents First’.


The book, which was published this month by Crown House Publishing Ltd, is a spin-off from the ‘Learning to Learn’ course which Kay has been running at the University of Lincoln in Hull for four years.


This year a record 100 parents have passed the course, bringing the total number over the past four years to 243.


“‘Parents First’ is about confidence-building and communication skills coupled with practical strategies, spelling strategies and memory techniques,” says Kay.


“Recently published Government research backs up the principles of the course, showing that parental involvement in a child’s learning when the child is aged between seven and 16 is a more powerful force than family background, family size and level of parental education.”


The ‘Parents and Children Working Together’ project at the University of Lincoln in Hull celebrated its fourth successful year in November last year.


The scheme works with parents, grandparents and carers of primary aged children to encourage them back into formal education. The course builds confidence and self-esteem by addressing some of the barriers to learning experienced by non-traditional learners.


The project now works with eight Hull primary schools - Estcourt, Parkstone, Mersey, Broadacre, The Dales, Fifth Avenue and Westcott – and Malet Lambert School.


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