17th March 2004




A scientist at the University of Lincoln hopes to win a national prize in London tomorrow – for his haircut.


Senior forensic science lecturer Jason Birkett has made it to the final of the

Science Barnet of the Year competition which will be judged tomorrow as part of National Science Week.


Jason (33) has had long hair for as long as he can remember and sports an 18-inch ponytail.


He was nominated by his science students and was placed on a final shortlist of five by the judges who considered hundreds of photographs, giving marks for glossiness, condition, length, style, flow and luxuriance.


The Science Barnet of the Year competition is run by the Annals of Improbable Research and sponsored by the Times Higher Education Supplement and the British Association for the Advancement of Science.


“My hair was even longer last summer than it is now but a friend of mine pestered me so badly I eventually had six inches cut off,” said Jason.


“The dean of the faculty suggested I put myself forward for the award and I was inundated with students who wanted to nominate me!”


If Jason wins first prize tomorrow (Thursday) he’ll be given lunch in a London restaurant and a makeover by a top London stylist.


“The problem is, I don’t like hairdressers and by and large they don’t like me!” said Jason.


The competition is part of the Ig Nobels UK Tour 2004 which is presented by The THES in partnership with the British Association for the Advancement of Science to celebrate National Science Week.


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