25th March 2004




An unemployed Communist from Liverpool leaves home and joins the fight against fascism in Franco’s Spain in the latest film in the Cine Latino series at the University of Lincoln.


Ken Loach’s film ‘Tierra y Libertad’ (‘Land and Freedom’) will be screened on campus on Monday 29th March.


The film tells the story of David, who joins a Marxist militia group fighting to protect democracy against fascism in Spain in 1936.


For a moment in Catalonia workers and peasants not only fought but actually went one step beyond and took over the land and factories and installed a living democracy.


But they should have looked over their shoulders as Stalin’s agents were determined to put an end their new-found freedom.


‘Tierra y Libertad’ will be screened at 7pm in the Jackson Lecture Theatre at the university’s Brayford Pool campus on Monday 29th March.


Admission is free and all are welcome to attend.


All films in the series explore political, geographical and emotional frontiers and are in Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese or French with English subtitles.


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