29th March 2004




The audience will get to decide the topic of the final Biological Sciences lecture at the University of Lincoln this week.


Guest speaker Professor Rod Smith will discuss either railway accidents or the Hillsborough football stadium disaster in the lecture on Thursday 1st April.


Professor Smith is Head of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College, London. 


A show of hands on the day will decide whether Professor Smith discusses ‘The Quest for Safety: Learning from Railway Accidents or ‘The Hillsborough Football Stadium Disaster’.


The lecture takes place on Thursday 1st April at 1pm in Lecture Theatre AR201 in the Architecture Building, Brayford Pool campus.


This is the last in this lecture series staged by the Department of Biological Sciences at the university.


Admission is free and members of the public are welcome to attend.


To book a place or for further information please telephone Tony Cowell on 01522 886896 or email tcowell@lincoln.ac.uk


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