5th February 2004




Kingston Communications have given a lift to five film students in Hull by agreeing to lend them some heavy equipment free of charge for their film project.


Ron King, Kerry Adams, Joanne White, Chris Webster and Stuart Warne need a ‘cherry picker’ – a vertical crane with a bucket attached – to shoot an aerial establishing shot for their film ‘The Wall’.


Within two days of receiving the request Kingston Communications sent an engineer to the set of the movie and agreed to lend the equipment to the University of Lincoln students.


The film project has already been given support by Kingston-upon-Hull City Council, which has agreed to rotivate two vacant allotments off County Road South in West Hull for the students to use as their film set.


The five students, who all study Television and Film Design at the Hull School of Art & Design, will be shooting their ten-minute film at 203 Bricknell Avenue from 10am tomorrow (Friday) and at County Road South on Thursday 12th February.


“The film will be a comical and charming short exploring human relationships and focusing on bigotry,” said producer and co-director Chris Webster.


“A long-standing feud has been running for years between two middle-aged men who rent neighbouring allotment plots from the local council.


“The catalyst for the conflict is the wall which physically divides the two characters, but this catalyst finally becomes the solution at the end of the film.


“This is a very low-budget production and we would not have been able to afford to hire the equipment commercially,” he said. “Everyone’s been very helpful and we really couldn’t have completed the project without their support.”


Rachel Ferguson of Kingston Communications said: “It’s definitely one of the more unusual requests that we’ve had!  We were delighted to be able to assist the students with their filmmaking and would like to wish them the best of luck with their production.”


The film, which should be finished by February, will be shown at the Motion Picture Company in Soho, London in the summer as part of the Television and Film Design students’ degree show.


For more information contact: Jez Ashberry, Press and Media Relations Manager

University of Lincoln (tel: 01522 886042)                       email: jashberry@lincoln.ac.uk