6th January 2004





An innovative new design centre of excellence is to be built in Hull with the help of a lecturer at the University of Lincoln.


The project, which is a partnership between the education, public and voluntary sectors, is an education initiative which will provide exhibition and learning space for the community.


Chris Hay, one of the founders of the initiative, is chairman of the building group for the local company, Humber Centre for Excellence in the Built Environment, and senior lecturer in Architecture at the university.


Part-vehicle, part-building and part installation, the building is complete with a sloping roof which will be used as a projection screen, upturned caravans which make it mobile and a mechanical garden of wind turbines and solar panels which harvest the natural environment.


Ecologically friendly, the building is predicted to produce from renewable sources the same amount of energy as it uses and also aims to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions.


For the first three years the centre will be located in the temporary car park next to the Castle Street and Queen Street junction in Hull. 


The mobile building will then relocate to areas where there are current regeneration issues in the city of Hull.


“We hope to engage with schools in the community by running workshops in the centre to give schoolchildren an insight into the built environment,” said Chris Hay.


“People in the community will also benefit from exhibitions about prestigious new developments and other local projects.”


“We hope to lead by example and raise people’s aspirations for what the built environment is about in the hope that similar projects will emerge.”


Funding has been received from the Opportunities Lottery Fund and Yorkshire Forward through Hull Cityvision.  The Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) is funding the educational aspects at the centre.


The building is currently in the planning stages and work is due to start in March 2004.


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