15th January 2004




A new partnership between the University of Lincoln and the Institution of Analysts and Programmers will enhance the Computing courses offered by the university in Lincoln and Hull.


The partnership means that a range of courses offered by the university’s Faculty of Applied Computing Sciences will now be evaluated in terms of the IAP’s points system.


“This is an excellent opportunity for students to enhance their academic qualification with a credential that has professional merit,” said Paul Reeve, Head of the Department of Computing and Informatics at the University of Lincoln.


“The fact that students accumulate IAP credit at the unit level means that those on joint awards and those progressing through a programme can see an immediate and appropriate return on their investment.”


Mike Ryan, Director-General of the Institution of Analysts and Programmers, added: “This is good for Lincoln and good for us. From now on students will know in advance which of Lincoln’s courses to take if they want to become members of the IAP, and the partnership provides an added incentive for students to study at Lincoln.


“From the IAP’s viewpoint it provides a new source of courses that we can wholeheartedly recommend to the many people who call us for advice on training and IAP membership.”


Degree courses offered at the university in Hull are: Computing, Internet Computing, Media Technology, Multimedia Technology, Mobile Computing and Audio Technology.


Degree courses offered at the university in Lincoln are: Computing, Internet Computing, Games Computing, Informatics and Computing Information Systems.


For more details visit the university’s web site: www.lincoln.ac.uk/courses



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