15th December 2003





At this time of year shepherds need all the help they can get tending their flock.


So staff at the Lincolnshire School of Agriculture are pleased to have welcomed a new colleague to help out on the farm.


But Bess is no ordinary employee - she’s a border collie who’s been recruited to keep an eye on the newly established flock of sheep on the estate.


And with a staff-to-student ratio of one to 261 she’s going to be kept busy in her new job!


“Bess is one of the most efficient staff members on the campus and is settling in extremely well,” said farm secretary Kelly Tiffin.


“She works with the stockman every day and her arrival from Wales has made sheep practical sessions much more enjoyable for both academic staff and students alike.”


A flock of Lleyn sheep originating from the Lleyn peninsula on the northern coast of Wales has been established at Riseholme Park, where it will be joined in the near future by a small herd of pedigree Lincoln Red cows.


The popular Lleyn breed was chosen because its medium size and quiet nature makes it an excellent animal for student practical sessions.


These two new livestock enterprises replace the Riseholme dairy herd which was dispersed earlier this year and both will provide a greater opportunity for academic staff and student involvement at Riseholme Park Farms.


Click below for photos of Bess with stockman Tony Holden:


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