3rd November 2003




One island, 44 hours, four young men, no food and no escape…


Four Students’ Union officers at the University of Lincoln will be emulating David Blaine later this month when they plan to spend 44 hours on the island in the middle of Brayford Pool to raise money for Children in Need.


Darius G Laws (21), Jon Hardy (23), Richard Moore (21) and Adam Heyhurst (20) – all officers at the University of Lincoln Students’ Union Co-operative – were inspired by the feat of illusionist David Blaine, who spent 44 days without food in a perspex box suspended above the Thames.


Our fearless foursome will spend 44 hours in a glass box on the tiny island from 10pm on Tuesday 18th November until 6pm on Thursday 20th November.


“We won’t be eating any food, but we students are used to having to go hungry once in a while,” said Darius, who is President of the University of Lincoln Students’ Union Co-operative.


“We’re hoping that we will attract as many curious onlookers as David Blaine did with his ‘Above the Below’ last month.


“But while some observers suspected Blaine of cheating we will be playing it strictly by the book – no food for 44 hours.”


The students are being supported by the Brayford Trust, which has given its blessing to the stunt, and by Raw Power Pro Sound who will be lighting up the island.


The foursome will spend their time on the island looking forward to a visit to the Quayside ‘It’s a Scream’ pub on Brayford Wharf North where staff will treat them to a slap-up meal once their ordeal is over.


They have also arranged for BBC East Midlands Today to broadcast their emergence from the island live on television on 20th November.


For more information contact: Darius Laws

Tel: 01522 886124 or email dlaws@lincoln.ac.uk

or Jez Ashberry, Press and Media Relations Manager

University of Lincoln

Tel: 01522 886042

email: jashberry@lincoln.ac.uk