6th October 2003




The biographer of ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide’ author Douglas Adams will kick off a new series of Media Communications lectures at the University of Lincoln on Wednesday.


Mr Simpson will discuss the state of British science fiction when he gives a guest lecture to Media Communications students.


M J Simpson is a film critic and biographer, co-founder of Britain’s best-selling science fiction magazine SFX and author of  The Pocket Essential Hitchhiker’s Guide’.


His biography of Douglas Adams, titled ‘Hitchhiker’, was published in March by Hodder & Stoughton.


M J Simpson is acknowledged as the world’s leading authority on the life and career of Douglas Adams, having collected information and material on him for the last twenty years.


He has interviewed Adams and edited the world’s only ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide’ magazine.


Members of the public are welcome to attend the lecture, which will take place at 10am in the Cargill Lecture Theatre at the Brayford Pool campus.


Please call Alex Lewczuk on 01522 886245 to reserve a seat as places will be limited.


Other speakers lined up in the series include Dave Golder, Editor-in-Chief of SFX magazine, TV executive Peter Mitchell, TV presenter Abigail Oleck, magazine sub-editor Belinda Wanis, actors Malcolm Tomlinson, Sarah Huntley and Eileen Daly, Viz founder Simon Donald and Dr Richard Hand from the University of Glamorgan.


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