15th October 2003




Two Lincoln bargain hunters are scouring car boot sales today and tomorrow in search of hidden treasure.


Samantha Talbot (24) and Dorinda Hudson (32) are taking part in the ITV programme ‘Boot Sale Treasure Hunt’ in which contestants have to find bargains at one car boot sale and then sell them for the biggest profit at another sale.


The two women work together at the University of Lincoln’s Riseholme Park campus but they’re spending two days out of the office in search of bargains at the boot sale.


They’ll have £200 to spend in two hours at a boot sale in Torksey today (Wednesday) and they’ll be in Newark tomorrow (Thursday) trying to make a profit from their bargains.


Samantha and Dorinda will be pitted against another team to see who can unearth the most valuable goods at the first sale.


Independent experts will value the items and set a target sale price which the teams have to try to reach at the second sale.


“I’m a bit nervous but I’m looking forward to it,” said Samantha, who works as a clerical officer at Riseholme Park.


‘Boot Sale Treasure Hunt’ will be broadcast on ITV1 from November onwards.


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