21st October 2003





The photographer who made us all look at discarded kebab wrappers in a new light unveils his latest work this evening (Tuesday).


Adam O’Meara has been commissioned to produce a new video work for Site Gallery in Sheffield - a series of video stills showing people frozen in the act of falling over.


A private view takes place at the gallery at 7pm this evening (Tuesday) and the stills will continue to be shown on the projection screen outside the gallery after dusk each weekend until 2nd November.


Adam, who lectures in photography at the University of Lincoln, was commissioned to produce the work as part of the gallery’s Immediate III series.


“The video seeks to address the loss of rituals in our secular society and the practice of photography as a substitute for the loss of certain important ceremonies of the past,” said a gallery spokesman.


“The act of falling makes reference to historical and contemporary practices by artists such as Eadweard Muybridge, Jo Spence, Steve McQueen, Ives Klein and Johnny Knoxville.”


The Immediate III commissions aim to highlight the quality and diversity of work currently emerging from MA fine art and media courses – particularly photography, film, video, computer-based work and installation –in the north of England.


Adam O’Meara hit the headlines last month when his photographs of 300 discarded kebab wrappers from all over the country went on display in the Photofusion gallery in Brixton, south London.


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