30th September 2003




Two social work experts from Hull are to travel to Romania to help the country rebuild its social services before joining the enlarged European Union.


Karin Crawford and Janet Walker, who both teach Social Work at the University of Lincoln, have been commissioned by the European Union to work on an 18-month project in Romania.


As the project’s UK partners and key European experts Karin and Janet will make a number of visits to Romania to develop training and education for Romania’s social care workforce.


“The aim of the project is to work with Romanian academics to build the capacity of the country’s social services and enable them to improve the services that they provide,” said Karin.


“We will be helping to develop materials, teaching the teachers and policy makers and helping Romanian local government to develop their social services.”


The project is funded by the EU’s Phare programme which was set up in 1989 to assist the applicant countries of central Europe in preparing to join the EU.


The project gets under way in October and Karin and Janet expect to fly out to Bucharest for their first visit before the end of the year.


“It’s very exciting for us and a major coup for the University of Lincoln that we’ve been selected,” said Janet. “The project fits very well with the aims and objectives of the Hull School of Health and Social Care.


“We’re looking forward to it and we hope to be able to use the experience for research and to help teach our Social Work students here in Hull.”


Both Karin and Janet have extensive experience in social work, having joined the Hull School of Health and Social Care at the University of Lincoln from local government in Hull and the East Riding last year.



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