9th September 2003




It’s been another bumper recruitment year for the increasingly popular University of Lincoln.


For the third year in a row the university looks set to exceed its target for first-year degree students – despite intense competition among universities which will leave many UK institutions with a shortfall in enrolments this year.


With new first-year students due to enrol on Monday (15th September) the University of Lincoln has already accepted 3,062 students in Lincoln and Hull – just 12 short of its undergraduate target.


Once the recruitment process is complete next week admissions staff expect to have exceeded the target by around 160 students.


While many ‘new’ universities are struggling to recruit students in competition with older established institutions, Lincoln is proving a popular choice for undergraduates.


“The University of Lincoln has now met or exceeded its target for three years in succession,” said spokesman Jez Ashberry.


“We are an innovative, student-centred university with high-quality facilities in excellent and attractive locations and it is no surprise to us that students are anxious to sign up for our courses.”


Admissions staff report a very busy clearing period since the middle of August, with more telephone calls being taken than in previous years and more hits being registered on the university’s web site.


Courses which have recruited particularly strongly include Psychology, Architecture, Business Studies, TV & Film Design, Games Computing, English, History, Forensic Science, Media Production, Journalism, Accountancy, Law and Criminology.


This year Lincoln recorded the second highest increase in student applications (19.4 per cent) of any UK university, behind Manchester University (22.5 per cent).


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