4th September 2003




Two veteran Hull painters with a combined age of almost 150 are to stage an exhibition of their art to mark the completion of their masters degrees.


John Bettles, who will turn 80 next August, and Mike Newman, who will be 70 next March, complete their MA in Fine Art at the University of Lincoln tomorrow (Friday) when their paintings will be assessed by an external examiner.


They will then stage a private view of their work at the University of Lincoln’s art studios on Anlaby Road from 6.30pm until 8.30pm tomorrow.


‘Exhibition 150’ will remain open to the public from Saturday 6th September until Tuesday 16th September (excluding Sundays) between 12 noon and 4pm.


Both artists studied for a degree in Fine Art at the Hull School of Art and Design, graduating with honours in the summer of 2001.


They then enrolled on the MA in Art, Design and Critical Theory and this week will become the only two students from the original group to complete the course.


Mike Newman paints abstract works based on a figurative theme while John Bettles’ paintings are more figurative, depicting a nostalgic view of the maritime heritage of his home city of Hull.


 “I took an art course in Hull at the age of 13 but the war, my marriage, my career and my golf got in the way for many years,” said John.


“Like many people, it was only when retirement was looming that I decided to go back to my roots and do what I would have done with my life if I’d had the choice.”


John now plans to work as a professional artist and is glad that he returned to study later in life.


“I would say, forget about your age – just get among the young people and get stuck in. I met a tiny barrier because of my age when I first started but we soon overcame that and I made some great friends at the university.”


Altogether around 70 paintings by John and Mike will be on show at the Anlaby Road.



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