13th August 2003




While many university tutors are enjoying their summer break one film-maker from the University of Lincoln is shooting a short film set in Canada.


Anna Tchernakova wrote the script for ‘The Unified Theory of the Universe’, a 20-minute 16mm fictional film which she is also producing and directing.


Anna grew up in Russia but emigrated to Canada in 1994 and joined the University of Lincoln three years ago.


The film is an independent low-budget production being produced by Anna’s own company, GB Production, in association with The May Street Group based in Victoria, British Columbia.


“The story is set in Victoria and deals with the relationship between people and places,” said Anna, who is a senior lecturer in video production at the university.


“The film is the first in the planned series of ‘Ferry Tales’ which will be filmed over the next two years.


“We hope the film will have a festival life as well as being distributed and broadcast in Europe and Canada.”


Anna’s film ‘Sea and Stars’, won the best animation award at the Flick International Film Festival in Saskatchewan, Canada, earlier this year. 


She has worked as a writer, director and producer since 1993 and her films have been featured at many international film festivals including Tokyo and Berlin.


After moving to Canada in 1994 Anna taught at McGill University in Montreal before moving to the UK in 2000.


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