11th July 2003




Seven years of dedicated study have finally paid off for one University of Lincoln student.


Ken Bearpark from Brighouse in West Yorkshire will graduate at Hull City Hall next week after gaining a first-class degree in Computing with Internet Technologies, seven years after beginning the course.


Ken (39) began the part-time programme in 1996 whilst working for North Yorkshire County Council in-school ICT services. 


At the time there were no local computing programmes available for evening study so Ken went further afield and enrolled on the evening programme at the University of Lincolnshire and Humberside, now the University of Lincoln.


“Distance has been the biggest problem,” said Ken. “I had to travel 40 miles from York to get to the course because the programme I wanted to study was only taught on day release. 


“This wouldn’t have been so bad but I couldn’t drive so my wife had to take me to the university and wait the three hours until I was finished.  This happened twice a week for the first year so I think a lot of the dedication was hers.”


Ken learned to drive and by the start of the second year was driving himself to the course, but a following a divorce and house move Ken found himself travelling even further to study - an incredible 110-mile round trip twice a week.


“It has certainly been worth it and I would recommend it to anyone who has a little dedication,” said Ken. “However, it would not have been possible without the support of my ex-wife Michelle or my fiancée Heather who I marry next month.


“At the moment I’m not planning to change my job although I would like to move into management.  I may even try something like computer forensics.”


Ken will graduate with his colleagues from the Faculty of Applied Computing Sciences next Wednesday 23rd July at 11.30am at Hull City Hall.



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