18th July 2003





One Journalism graduate from the University of Lincoln has already settled into a new position writing the business news for Independent Local Radio Stations (ILRS).


Kate Williams from Chestfield, Kent recently took up her new position writing business news for the broadcasters’ bulletin after completing her Journalism degree.


Kate (22), who graduates at Lincoln Cathedral later this month, writes the ‘Money Talks’ business news which goes out to all the radio stations subscribing to the service regionally and nationally - 58 stations with four and a half million potential listeners.


“When I was first offered the job I thought ‘aargh, I don’t know anything about business’,” said Kate. “I had to learn really quickly.


“Luckily it’s not supposed to be heavy business news but easy-to-digest everyday information.”


Kate has now taken to reading the Financial Times and checking various online financial and business sites to keep up-to-date with the latest developments.


“It’s really rewarding when you hear your story being read out but what’s even more exciting is that it’s Alan Wogan – Terry’s son – who reads my scripts,” said Kate.


“I’ve never met him because he is based in London, but we have spoken and he has given me a lot of really good advice.”


Kate is eventually hoping to work in the field of radio journalism.


“I’ve been really lucky getting this position and it’s very good experience for me,” continued Kate. “I’m hoping that it will eventually lead to me reading the bulletins,  maybe as a stand-in for Alan when he goes on holiday!”


Kate will graduate with the Faculty of Media and Communications next Thursday 31st July at 11.30am.


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