10th June 2003




Vets and pet owners are invited to attend a lecture discussing the emerging field of pheromonatherapy, or soothing smells, to be held at the University of Lincoln next week.


Entitled ‘Pheromone Therapy: The Science of Soothing Smells’, the lecture will consider the ways in which pheromones affect behaviour in humans and other animals and how this can be used to improve quality of life.


Dr Daniel Mills, veterinary surgeon and principal lecturer in Behavioural Studies and Animal Welfare at the university, will present the facts about this growing field and how it contrasts with the other commonly used chemical intervention, pharmacotherapy.


“Pheromone therapy is distinct from aromatherapy, since the odour is not necessarily smelt in the traditional sense,” said Dr Mills.  


“It may be used as a complementary therapy to treat a range of stress-related problems.


“The university has been at the forefront of the development of new indications for the use of pheromones in the treatment of a range of problems in cats, dogs and horses, including certain forms of aggression, urine marking and anxiety-related conditions.


“Pheromone therapy has been shown to be as effective as the use of drugs in the management of some clinical problems but has many advantages over this mode of treatment.”


The talk launches a series of lectures by the Lincolnshire branch of the British Association for the Advancement of Science.


The association is the only national organisation to promote public awareness and appreciation of all parts of science and technology and with membership open to all.  It organises both local and national programmes of activities including National Science Week and the Festival of Science.


 The lecture will take place on Wednesday 18th June at the Lincolnshire School of Agriculture’s Riseholme Park campus commencing in the conference hall at 7.30pm. 


For further information about this series of lectures please contact Philip Brown on 02476717275 or email Philip.Brown@the-ba.net.



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